Create a master animal listing in the desktop to import to the mobile app

To Create A Master Animal Listing File To Use To Populate The Mobile App From Today’s Rancher Desktop

1. On the main menu ‘System Admin’
2. ‘Create Master Date File For Mobile Device’
3. on the appropriate Animal Group
4. From the list box on the left, select the animal (animals) you want to send to the mobile. (Use Ctrl-A to multi-select)
5. “Move Animal To Upload List
6. ‘Create File To Upload’
7. Select the location you want to save the file
Cattle = ‘CattleToMobile.xml’
Goats = “GoatsToMobile.xml’
9. Connect your mobile device to your computer via USB
10. Open the mobile device so you can view the folders
11. Look for a folder called ‘todaysrancher’ – if it’s not there use your ‘My Computer’ to create a new folder to create it. USE LOWER CASE ONLY FOR THE FOLDER NAME
12. Once the folder is created, drag the file you created to it.
13. Disconnect your mobile device from the computer
14. Launch the Mobile App
15. Go To ‘Utilities Menu’
16. Select ‘Get Data From Today’s Rancher Desktop’ – The app will automatically import and update your files.

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