Midwest Electronic Lamb Auction Report from Baraboo, WI – Thursday, August 2, 2018

Internet Lamb Auction

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Compared to last sale: Directly compared to two weeks ago slaughter lambs traded 15.00 lower. This week’s offering included 330 head of hard fed new crop slaughter lambs, with approximately one third of the load shorn, from North Dakota. Slaughter lambs sell with a three percent shrink on the ground. A discount of 10.00 per cwt will be taken for any rams. The state identified is
the state of origin. Prices quoted per cwt. Current delivery unless otherwise noted.

Slaughter Lambs: Choice and Prime 1-4 for current delivery 125-160 lbs 128.00

Slaughter Lambs Choice and Prime 1-4
Head Wt Range Avg Wt Price Range Avg Price Delivery
330 125-160 145.00 128.00 128.00 Current FOB ND

Source: USDA- CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO

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