Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher – Set up your animals by importing a CSV file

Pertains to Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher Version 5.0.3 and aboveLog Out

Importing from a CSV file
1. Create a CSV file and name it “CattleToMobile.csv”

Case sensitive name must match, file must also be a tab delimited WITH NO QUOTATION MARKS SEPARATING DATA)

After you create your CSV file, open it with WordPad and view it, there should be gaps(the size of a normal ‘tab’ between the data, no Quotes, No Commas and NO header record.

2. No Header Record (that is no record with labels – we only want the data)

3. The fields MUST be in this order,
*Animal Id (This is the name of the animal-this is your primary identification for this animal AND MUST BE UNIQUE)
*Animal Type(Values are Bull, Cow, Steer, Heifer Calf – Male, Calf – Female)
*Animal Status (Values are Active, For Sale, Sold, Inactive)

4. Place the file on the SDCARD of your device in the folder ‘todaysrancher’ (some devices do not contain an sdcard, however they have what is called ‘external storage’, you can find this by connecting your device to your computer via USB cable, create the ‘todaysrancher’ folder there and put the file inside that folder.  The app should be able to find that folder and the file.


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