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Today's Cattle Rancher

Today’s Cattle Rancher For Windows

Today’s Cattle Rancher Software is the solution for anyone raising cattle and is looking for an easy to use, cost-effective, powerful cattle ranch management software system.

If you’re looking for a powerful cattle ranch management software package and are running a cattle only ranch operation, then ‘Today’s Cattle Rancher’ provides you with all the power and features of a system costing hundreds of dollars more.

From an easy to read, easy to use central point, the livestock module tracks an unlimited number of animals, includes standard breeds or user defined breed information.  Record Active, Inactive, Sold or For Sale animal status.  Lookup animals by Animal Id or Eartag. Multiple ranch ids (profit – loss centers) or remote locations.  Unlimited number of animal locations, shows calf history, animal notes, purchase information, insurance information, animal earnings, specific animal expenses, eartag history, brand history.  

Animal specific reports include: Growth History, Pen-Pasture Movement History, Insurance Records, Earnings History, Death Information, Acquisition Data, Expense History, Medical Treatments, Animal Ledger, Ledger By Date, Feed History, Feed History By Date, Body Condition Score, Teat-Udder Condition Score.


Livestock module also offers, quick cattle and quick calf setup. Import master animal list by batch file, animal pedigrees (with images).

Master livestock reports include (partial list): Cattle by pen – pasture, Inseminations, summary and detail listings of animals, weaning weight calculations, birth records.

The Ranch Operations module, gives the user a convenient central point for recording individual animal medical treatments, global (entire pen or pasture) medical treatments, individual animal feedings, global (pen or pasture) feedings, easy records on weanings, record animal type changes (i.e. calf to bull, steer or heifer, etc), weight changes, move animals, teat-udder condition scores, frame scores, linear measurements, body condition scores, create sales list, record animal sales (individual or lot) pasture management, ranch event scheduler, create excel spreadsheets, import excel spreadsheets (created by the system.)

Breeding Operations provide access to record inseminations (single or multiple), exposure, pregnancy verification and heat observations. 

System Administration, controls for mobile data administration, cloud services, create and restore backup, plus basic system maintenance operations.

Exchange data with our best selling Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher and our new Today’s Rancher Cloud



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Works on XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

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