Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher

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Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher Version 7.0.0 is the latest release in the Today’s Rancher® family of livestock management solutions from Ag Management Systems.

Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher works as a stand alone product or with Today’s Rancher Desktop to give the modern livestock operation a complete solution for ranch asset management.When working with cattle a user can work in the field without worry about having a cell or data connection,

Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher IS NOT a full featured cattle management program. As a mobile app it is necessarily limited in features it can offer. It IS a data collection tool that can help facilitate the day to day activities on the ranch or farm.

Users of Today’s Rancher Desktop can easily import their master animal lists into the app. Subscribers of Today’s Rancher Cloud (Cattle) can easily upload the data to the cloud and then download directly to either Today’s Rancher Desktop or Today’s Cattle Rancher.  Non-Users of Today’s Rancher Desktop also have the ability to import their animal master list into the app through use of a CSV file. And can export their data to a desktop system as a CSV file.

The app utilizes Google Voice Recognition for data entry where available.

Filter animal list by Animal  Id, Eartag, Animal Status, Animal Type, Animal Location

Add-Edit Records – Shows list of previously entered animals. Select and animal to work with or enter a new animal store animal id (MUST BE A UNIQUE VALUE), eartag, type of animal, status of animal, breed, location, weight, dam, and date of birth, you can either take and image of the animal or select an image from the gallery on your device.

Medical Records – Shows list of animals with previously entered medical records. Select an animal for list of existing records edit an existing record or create new record – uses animal id, treatment date and treatment. You can select either a single animal or multiple animals for treatments,  you can select ‘all’ animals

Animal Notes – Shows list of animals with previously entered notes. Select an animal for list of existing records edit an existing record or create new record – uses animal id, date of note and note text

Record Weight Changes – Select animal from list of existing animals, enter new weight, system records old weight, new weight and date changed

Record Births – Select dam from list of existing animals, enter birth animal, sex of newborn, weight of newborn and date born, plus ability to record ease of birth

Record Location Changes – Select animal from list, system shows old location, enter the new location, and date of movement Record Sales – Select Animal from list, entered date sold, where sold, sold to, and amount sold for. You can record the movement of a single animal or multiple animals.

Record Feedings – Select animal from list, see previous entries, track when fed, where fed, what fed, how much feed cost, what type of feed was used.

Purchase Information – Select the animal from the list and enter when purchased, who purchased from, where purchased, how  much paid, sellers premise id

Sales Information – Record how much you sold the animal for,  where it was sold, when it was sold, who it was sold to.

Eartag History – Select the animal from the list and enter new eartag, and date changed

A.I. – Record Inseminations – Edit-Delete previous records – calculates approximate due date

Pregnancy Verification – Add-Edit-Delete records – calculates approximate due date

Heat Observation – Record observed sessions, calculates approximated date of next session

Create Export Files CSV – For Import and Use with any program that can read CSV files. for user of Today’s Rancher Desktop you can directly import your data files from your mobile device by hooking your tablet or phone to your home computer via USB Create Master Animal List CSV Medical CSV Notes CSV Weight Changes CSV Births CSV Location Changes CSV Sales CSV, Feedings CSV