How Do I Use The Multi-Select For Feedings?

Go To Work Animals
1- Record Feedings
2 – Select ‘Feed Multiple Animals’
3 – Option A – Selection Animals From Master List
Option B – Press ‘By Location’ – Select the location you desire
4 – Press the name of each animal you wish to include (A check box will show on the right hand side of the screen showing selected)
5 – Press ‘Record Feedings’
6 – Select the ‘Date Fed’
7 – Enter the data for ‘Fed Where’
8 – Enter the data for ‘Fed What’
9 – Enter the data for ‘Amount Fed’ (this is the number of feed units used)
10 – Enter the data for ‘Price Each’ (this is the amount you paid for each feed unit used)
11 – Press ‘Save’ at this point the app will automatically process the data and return you to the menu. The app will take the number of units fed and multiple them by the price each for a total cost of feed. It will then take the number of animals selected and divide that number into the total cost of feed and allocate that amount to the animal.

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