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Today’s Rancher Livestock Management Software system is the solution for anyone with multiple animal groups and multiple locations or someone just starting out with only one type of animal and a single location. In other words, it is designed for anyone who is looking for an easy to use, cost-effective, powerful ranch management software system. With the capability to track and work with cattle, goats, sheep, and horses) you are not limited nor are you required to purchase additional modules as your operation grows.  The system tracks multiple profit centers and virtually an unlimited number of animals.


Works with Cattle, Goats, Horses, and Sheep
No limit to the number of livestock you can track
Tracks as many income centers as you have
You’re able to see ‘at a glance’ the status of your animals
Easy straightforward data entry
Easy program navigation – no hidden menus
Easy tracking of animal movement from location to location
Easy tracking of an animal’s growth history
Easy tracking of an animal’s medical history
Easy tracking of an animal’s feeding history
User defined Breed Information
Unlimited Pens and Pastures
Comprehensive notes capability, by animal by date

Acquisition information for each animal
Insurance information for each animal
Sales information for each animal
Easy tracking of income for each animal
Easy tracking of expenses for each animal
Pedigree for each animal
Photo gallery for pedigree
Animal Use (Horse and Cattle) history for each animal
Calf * Kid * Foal * Shoat history
Weaning Weight Calculations

Pregnancy Verification
Artificial Insemination tracking
Embryo Transfers
Exposure Tracking
Medical Treatments
Semen Inventory Control
Embryo Inventory Control
Tack Inventory Control
Feed Inventory Control
Customer Mailing List
Ranch Sales – Lot Sales
Supplier Information
Purchase Order Control
Import data from Today’s Mobile Ranching Series
Heat Observation Module
Complete Backup And Restore Of Entire Database
Redesigned Data Entry Screens For Easier Use And Viewing
Popup Date Icons For Easier Date EntryPlus Much, Much More….



All Included there are NO extra modules to purchase

Today's Rancher Livestock Management Software

* Texas customers, there is an additional 8.25% State Sales tax added to your purchase.