What’s The Best Way To Get Started Using The Cloud (Cattle)?

We recommend that if you are using Today’s Mobile Cattle Rancher

1) First go to the ‘Utilities Menu’ -> User Registration / Settings and input your first name, last name, email address and password. Save the settings and register the App.

Once we record the registration information you will receive an email with a ‘Ranch Id’, that value needs to be entered at the ‘Assigned Ranch Id’ field in the User Registration / Settings page on the mobile app. Once again save the settings.

2) Go to our website and subscribe to the cloud service (7.99 a month, first two months 4.99).

3) From that point on you should be able to upload your data from the mobile device to the cloud.

4) If you have the desktop, you would then enter the Ranch Id information into your System Admin -> Ranch Management form.

5) On the desktop System Admin -> Cloud Services -> Import Data From Cloud -> log onto the cloud (using the same email address, password and assigned ranch id) that you have from the mobile registration.

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