Q: Why is this software only $49.95?

A: Simple, Today’s Rancher was introduced in 2009. Since then sales of the program has more than cover the original development costs.

We are not dependent on the software for all our revenue. We are a part of Ashby Navis & Tennyson Media Publishers (https://ashbynavis.com) and as a result we have the leeway and luxury to not have to overcharge our users.

We hate paying subscription prices for software and don’t believe you should have to either.

We understand that the vast majority of farmers and ranchers operate on a razor thin margin so anything we can do to help you maximize your profits we want to do.

Q: What is the Monthly Subscription Fee?

A: Zero, Nothing – You buy it you own it.

Q: Where are my data files?

A: You data is kept on your computer.

Q: What versions of Windows does this run on?

A: 11, 10, 8. 7 (That we know of) Don’t think there are many XP versions out there

Q: How many animals can I track?

A: We haven’t really run into any limits yet. The maximum file size is 2GB so that’s a lot of animals.

Q: What if I run into a problem?

A: You can fill out this form , let us know what’s happening and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I use a mobile app with the desktop?

A: We are in the process of updating our mobile apps so they will be able to talk to the desktop version. This will be finished in 2nd half of 2024.